lundi 21 décembre 2009

Forever Young! part 1

I went shopping and i just loved these leggings..look very rock, so I brought it:)

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Sabrina a dit…

Love them! Exchange links? :) thanks for stopping by at our blog

eLi a dit…

Where do you life?? Because it seems to be a very hot place!! jajaj!!
thanks for your comment!! and Merry Xmas :)

Dylana a dit…

Love your leggings! They are so rock and roll!

Nerdic.. a dit…

Cool leggings!
X, fashionnerdic.

Francheska a dit…

love those leggings!!!!! x

cody a dit…

love the leggings :D


Anonyme a dit…

love those tights!

Ann a dit…

thanks for a visit.
great look.

kisses. :)

cla-sib a dit…

rock'n'roll... =) your leggins are great!

xoxo cla

M.rolez a dit…

:) thanks !!
I love your pants


Eleonora a dit…

..really nice blog!!!!!


Violet a dit…

love the leggings and those shoes

thanks for visting the blog come back anytime

Vi from Cali

Lali a dit…

yeah, i like your outfit!:)
Happy New Year!:)

Chloé a dit…

i love your shoes!!!

Hayley a dit…

Thanks for your comment!

Love the leggings!


Elen a dit…

i love the top!so cute and gives me spring feelings


rachel / Red Lips Vintage a dit…

i love your blouse! you two friends are so adorable.